Security at Revaly

We know safeguarding your intellectual property is critical to maintaining your competitive advantage. At Revaly, security is our top priority. We take a number of measures to ensure the safety and security of our users and their information. Our servers are protected by advanced firewalls, and our website uses secure SSL encryption to protect data transmitted to and from our servers. We also regularly conduct security audits and assessments to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, our team is constantly monitoring our systems to ensure that they remain secure.

Data Security

Whether at rest or in transit, your data is always encrypted. We use tools like Azure’s Platform-Managed Keys (PMKs) to manage encryption keys using hardware security modules for maximum security in line with industry best practices.

Application Security

Revaly regularly conducts penetration tests to evaluate the source code, running application, and the deployed environment.

Revaly also uses high-quality static analysis tooling provided by GitHub Advanced Security, such as Secrets Scanner and Dependabot to secure our product at every step of the development process.

Infrastructure Security

Revaly uses Microsoft Azure, the same cloud provider trusted by the United States Department of Defense, to host our application. We make full use of the security products embedded in the Azure ecosystem, including Key Vault, Sentinel, and Security Center.

In addition, we deploy our application using containers run on Azure-managed services.

Enterprise-grade protection for all users. All the time.

Trusted and Trustworthy

Organizations large and small with a wide array of unique security needs trust Revaly with their most important digital assets.