Written by: Thomas

Revaly Update: Video Chat, Curves, More Import Types

Introduction: Team Updates

Just two weeks later, we are back with a second update. We are thrilled about the progress we continue to make on the product from a feature and stability/speed perspective. This week we added several new features and refined many others. Take a look below to learn more.

Live Video Calling

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Reduce what you have to say, by showing with new live video calling, directly within any Space.

Screenshot of four people on a video chat call in Revaly
Host a video call with up to 10 people inside of Revaly!

New Experimental Features

We added several new experimental features and refined many others. Check out our knowledge base to get a detailed guide to learning how to use these features.

screenshot of Revaly knowledge base homepage

Curve Measurement

Easily see how long an edge is, without having to pull out the measuring tool. Learn how to turn on curve measurement in our article on experimental settings.

Animation of curve display on a model when hovering over the edge
Hover over the edges of an object to measure its curves

More Import Types

No more conversion is needed for Revaly to accept .SLDPRT, just upload the native file and start collaborating! Check out all the filetypes we accept.

Photo of a solidworks file in Reavly
A native SolidWorks file inside Revaly!

Orthographic Camera

CAD Engineers will be very familiar with the concept of an orthographic camera. It allows any given snapshot of the part to communicate the relative dimensions of unannotated edges unambiguously. If you don’t know what that means — that’s okay; have a look below to see the difference:

Image comparing orthographic and perspective camera views of a cylinder
Comparison of orthographic and perspective camera views of a cylinder

File Processing Indicator

You can now see when a file is processing- so you know when you can jump in and begin collaborating, rather than waiting for it to load.

animation of a file being processed in the asset drawer

New Profile Settings

Add more details to your profile page by adding your company name and role!

Account setting screenshot

Knowledge Base

Not sure how to do something in Revaly? Check help.revaly.com – we have guides and detailed information on how to get the most out of Revaly.

Bug Fixes

While we love to ship features, we’re also constantly refining what we already have to make it easier to use in every way imaginable.

  • Fixed issues with loading several types of files
  • Faster 3D Model Loading, & Better Caching

What’s Next

  • Ability to remove users from organizations
  • Reactions
  • More configurable notifications
  • Ability to change video call input

Report a Bug

We work hard to catch every bug before release, but sometimes they sneak in. If something doesn’t work the way you think it should, please report it to us by submitting a bug report using the question mark button inside Revaly or reach out to us at support@revaly.com.

How to report a bug inside of a space.

Want to join the team?

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